About Us

DMF Creative technically started years ago when I had a neck surgery.  I had a design in my head and a good friend gave me a laptop to keep me entertained while I recovered the from the surgery.  Nothing really happened for a while.  I kept designing and the images just sat there collecting virtual dust.

For whatever reason, 2023 was the year.  I got a bunch of designs we liked and figured it was time to put it out there.  DMF was born.  It has many meanings, but the gist of it is that we're regular, everyday people that will fight like hell to protect those we love.  We're down for damn near anything, a beer at the lake, a hike to a waterfall, barbeques, a little fisticuffs, you name it. We can take a joke, and we don't take ourselves too seriously.

We have designs that poke fun at other things, some based on nostalgia (ours, not yours), some based on movies we love, and some that are our version of inspirational. 

We hope you enjoy our stuff, and if you do, spread the word.